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Reasons You Should Invest In Cleveland Real Estate

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Cleveland Real Estate

Cleveland has gone through a major transformation over recent years, and we’re not just talking about it finally becoming an official City of Champions in sports circles.  Real estate has taken notice to the growth of interest in Cleveland, Ohio—and you should, too.  There are numerous reasons why this city is so attractive to real estate developers, but we’ll give you a few of the biggest reasons why people are moving in, and staying.

Population Growth

Five Traits of a Great Property Manager

Five Traits of a Great Property Manager

We, at All County NEO Property Management, pride ourselves on the caliber of property managers that we hire.  Below we have listed the 5 traits that we consider to be necessary and present in all the managers in our organization.


7 Credit-Related Deal Breakers for Renters

7 Credit-Related Deal Breakers for Renters

To kill an old myth, let’s begin with you must have immaculate credit for a landlord to consider renting to you. This is actually not true.  You don’t have to have immaculate credit to rent a property, but there are certain negatives that will frequently cause a rejection.

First-Time Apartment Renters Guide

Renting your first apartment is both exciting and intimidating. It is a really big deal – big enough to make your head spin. Here is a list that we’ve put together to make this an easier task for you.

1. Know your budget. By now you have a general idea of what you spend on food per month. Put other expenses into the equation, and you will have a general idea of what you have got to spend on rent. The ideal rent is 25-30% of your monthly income.

Renting Laws and Service Dogs

What’s A Dog Doing In A “No Pets” Apartment Building?
Renting Laws and Service Dogs
A common question coming from renters is, “Can I have a service dog here?”

Your Cleveland, Ohio lease agreement matters!

It is important to be aware of changes to real property law and contract law. Perhaps what is more valuable is to have a lease reviewed by a lawyer who specializes in landlord/tenant law. Our management professionals always make use of a carefully worded Cleveland, Ohio lease agreement, which has been reviewed by an attorney.

Top 5 tips for hiring a Cleveland, Ohio Property Management Company

If you are contemplating a rental property purchase in Cleveland Ohio or perhaps you already own property that you would like to rent out, these 5 tips will help you find the right property management company for you!

How To Make Profits By Renting

If you have ever considered purchasing a single family residence for the purpose of renting, you have more than likely heard from others how profitable it can be. But investing in real estate can also be very scary. As a real estate investor and a property manager operating in the northeastern Ohio cities of Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown, I have found there two variables under your control which impact profits more than others.


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