Top 5 tips for hiring a Cleveland, Ohio Property Management Company

If you are contemplating a rental property purchase in Cleveland Ohio or perhaps you already own property that you would like to rent out, these 5 tips will help you find the right property management company for you!

1. Gather Information

When looking online for a Cleveland Ohio Property Management Company, be sure to take a close look at those that rank high on the first few pages of your online search. Be sure to read online reviews about the company you are researching. Reviews are a great way to get an idea of how satisfied current owner clients and current tenants are with the property management services provided. But don’t discount “negative” reviews altogether, since such reviews can give you a better understanding of how the service provider handles tricky issues and how they respond to unhappy clients. Check out what some of our clients have to say about All County Northeast Ohio Property Management on our Testimonials page.

2. Get To Know The Staff

At All County Northeast Ohio Property Management, we share information about our company and our staff because we believe it’s important to know the people who will be handling your personal information and investment property. Trustworthy, attentive, and professional staff members, like ours, will take the best care of you, your properties, and your tenants. With over 25 years of experience providing property owners and their tenants with high quality service, the All County brand and its property management professionals have come to be known as trustworthy and well qualified to grow and to safeguard your real estate investments.

3. Maintenance

Well-established Cleveland Ohio property management companies should also have well-developed relationships with reputable and trustworthy maintenance contractors. When a maintenance issue arises, such relationships will allow for quick, attentive and reliable service that your tenant will appreciate and that will help to keep your property investment in tip top repair. What does this mean for you… it means less work for you and more peace of mind.

4. Location

A property management company that specializes in providing service for a particular region is going to have acute knowledge of that area. For example, All County Northeast Ohio Property Management understands what tenants in the area expect and what dollar amount they are willing to pay for a rental. We also understand the hazards that can arise from the Ohio snow, rain and heat and how to minimize your risks as a Cleveland Ohio property owner.

5. Needs

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, be sure to discuss the different contract and leasing options available to you and make sure that your needs are met. It is critical that a management company has the proper information to perform all fiduciary duties on your behalf.

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