Five Traits of a Great Property Manager

We, at All County NEO Property Management, pride ourselves on the caliber of property managers that we hire.  Below we have listed the 5 traits that we consider to be necessary and present in all the managers in our organization.

  1. Communication. Clients and tenants need to know that their property managers are available.  Our managers answer the phones promptly, respond to emails quickly, and return all phone messages as soon as possible.
  1. Knowledge and Experience. Property managers need to be able to interpret all sorts of reports, especially financial reports. They must also be up-to-date on all the changing laws concerning property ownership.  A background in real estate is also very helpful.
  1. People Skills. People are our property managers’ highest priority.  A good property manager has the ability to work well with all sorts of personalities. Our managers are skilled in negotiations with their tenants.  At the same time, they always maintain a positive attitude. Their oral and written communication skills are of the highest level.
  2. Professionalism. It is possible to be friendly and warm, and still be able to remain perfectly professional.  A good professional has this skill in dealing with internal employees as well as external contacts such as the tenants, vendors and colleagues. There will always be issues that to the manager are simply business decisions, but to the tenant can be extremely personal, such as raising the rent.
  3. Organizational skills are a must for a property manager.  If you don’t possess these skills innately, there are wonderful software programs that you can get to help you out.  A good example would be property management software.  A sampling of what needs to be at the fingertips of a property manager is the contact information for the owners and the tenants, as well as the phone numbers for the maintenance staff, the contractors and all the vendors. Attention to detail is a must.  Our property managers stay abreast on all the laws, as they change, concerning building codes, ordinances, and potential safety hazards.


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